Toko Tasi is dead
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According to people. Veteran musician Toko Tasi died after he was shot Saturday in Long Beach, California, authorities said Monday.

Toko Tasi: The Los Angeles County Department of Medical Examiner-Coroner said that an autopsy on Tasi, 45, whose real name was Tasi Malaki, is pending, People reported. Police in Long Beach Sunday said that a probe has been launching into the killing, in which Tasi was shot in the upper torso, and pronounced dead at the scene

Toko Tasi Dies at 45
Toko Tasi

Veteran: Tasi had past collaborated with Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell, who died 23 years ago amid a heroin overdose

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Tokko Tasi Dead after been shot at long beach
Toko Tasi dies at 45

Remembering him: A memorial was set up in Long Beach for Tasi, a stalwart in the community 

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‘The community is arranging benefit shows, which will be posted here, so you can support the family in their time of grieving;’ a memorial was slated for Monday evening in Long Beach. 

His friend Audra Visciti told the Long Beach Post that Tasi was in good spirits on the evening prior to his shooting. 

‘He was so happy that night … he said to me, “I feel so spiritual right now,”‘ Visciti said. ‘Everybody loved him, everybody wanted to be around him.’ 

Tasi’s catalog included the 2017 record Rise ta Shine and the 2008 album No Stress Express. He had also past collaborated with Sublime frontman Bradley Nowell (who died 23 years ago amid a heroin overdose), according to the Los Angeles Times. 

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