The Unseen Results Of Military Attack On EndSARS Protesters Revealed (Video)

The Unseen Results Of Military Attack On EndSARS Protesters Revealed (Video)

EndSars Protesters started a peaceful protest and still maintain and remains peaceful despite several attacks from government officials, security personnels and the military.

The truth of the whole saga has been revealed by eye witnesses who captured different unreleased videos of government officials dropping hoodlums with their official vehicles to attack Protesters.

EndSars ProTesters Holding Nigeria Flag

In this video you will also see how a presidential suv was sharing money 💵 to hoodlums to attack the EndSars Protesters.

The funny part of it all is that the same hoodlums who were paid by these government officials to attack Protesters turned back and started attacking government properties, burning down police stations and any other government facilities mainly in Lagos State.

According to a source in Oyibo, Lagos State. Ademola adeseji. two of the hoodlums lost their brothers as at early hours of yesterday 21/10/2020 to the police.

Their brothers were murdered by the oyibo policemen who came out and were shooting sporadically on Protesters and unfortunately their brothers were among those who died in the process.

Watch Video Of EndSars Protesters Below

Speaking further he said the boys immediately alerted their colleagues who were already on their way to attack Protesters and they all turned back, started burning government facilities.

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They burnt down the new BRT Lagos bus station with over 20 buses in the garage burnt, and many other police stations across the state.

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