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Secret Of How I Make More Than 10,000 Dollars Weekly –


How i make my money
How i make $10k Every week
Discover The Secret About Success Now


The money you are making a salary earner or self employee, is it very okay for you?
>Do you need an opportunity that can facilitate your success in life?

 >Do you like to be part of life changing opportunity that gives you more time?

>Do you need an opportunity that help travel around the world?
>Do you want to be part of opportunity that can help you to earn additional income part-time or full-     time?

>Do you want to become more successful?
>Do you want to rewrite the story of your family?
>Do you want to enjoy passive income that will result in residual income?
>Do you want to enjoy time and financial freedom?

IF YES,,,,,,,,,,,, READ ON

In the world today, so many people work hard and yet still remains poor. (mind you), you are not poor because you are lazy, NO: It is because you lack information (opportunity).
In this 21 century, for someone to be relevant he or she must be well informed.


There is every possibility that if you can take advantages of this opportunity, you must become very successful (RICH). Though, am not saying if you don’t take the advantage of this

opportunity you will become poor. NO;

But the question is, how many of your dreams have you accomplish doing what you are doing? or how many of them are you going to accomplish doing what you are doing now?
The secret of getting things done in life is to do it now.

Are you under law of POVERTY or under law of WEALTH?

Success is a matter of choice not chance or lucky.

Past. Labour

Over. Under
Opportunity. Correct
Repeatedly. Knowledge
Year in year out
If you desire financial freedom, do whatever it takes to associate with people who have achieve a level of financial independence..

SO, the easiest way to achieve financial freedom and simplest way to associate yourself with people that have attained some certain level of financial independence and learn from them, is through “NETWORK MARKETING”
Network marketing business is now taking over because it is the easiest, simplest and risk free business to become successful because of its little or no start up capital.


1. You will be part of an honest business with values and integrity.
2. You will be the owner of your international business.

3. You will not have to take financial risks to succeed.
4. You will make as much money as you can dream of.

5. You will chose the hour that you want to work.
6. You chose the people you want to work with.

7. You will develop residual income that guarantee total freedom.

8. You will have an equal opportunity to succeed.
9. You will be personally and mentally develop because network marketing will teach you practical about life.
10. You will deal with high quality and highly demanding products.

11. You will have the opportunity to travel round the world.
12. You will help thousands of people to have a better life either healthwise or wealthwise
13. You will become a legend in your own life time.
SO, THE QUESTION NOW IS, Which of the above advantage do you want to be part of?

Pay close attention because this might the opportunity you have been waiting for…


1. Decide to succeed: where the heart is willing, it will find thousand ways but when is unwilling, it find thousand of excuses.
2. Get involve: make your sponsor your best friend and attend business function that will help ur success.
3. Use your products; by using your own product help you to convince others to use your product.

4. Build your business: Let your sponsor help you to present the business to four of ur friends, family member or relatives.
5. Develop business network; you will be taught a very successful steps by steps system and you will teach others.

6. Commit yourself;commit yourself to work 7-10 hours per week to achieve your financial freedom.

7. Be single minded or open minded: 

8. Be teachable..
Today, we have over 1001 Network marketing company in Nigeria…..

But which one is the right company that one can partnership with?? This is the major fear of people……..

But am here to introduce to you Wonderful company by a Wonderful man from a Wonderful country with a Wonderful products and a Wonderful compensation plan….. EDIBLE HERBS LTD is the name of the company…

For details, you join our WhatsApp group where we will be training people to become their own boss through network marketing….  Click here to join group WHATSAPP GROUP

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