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Learn How You Can Easily Watch GOtv Packages on Android Phones

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GOtv as we all know is one of MultiChoice product which also offers a wide range of packages to suit subscribers and their families. Just like DStv, GOtv has its special packages and varies with number of channels and subscription prices.

You are on this page because you want to “Learn How You Can Easily Watch GOtv” which also comes to be the title of the page.

Although there are TWO ways to connect GOtv with mobile phone. You can start watching with mobile phone via the GOtv App and using the GOtv Mobile Devices.

List of Channels Available for Mobile

Metro TV, GTV, Africa Magic World, Africa Magic Family, Africa Magic Yoruba, BET, Sony MAX, Disney Junior, Nat Geo Wild, CNN, Channel O, Select Sports and SuperSport Blitz.

Watch GOtv on Android Phones Using Mobile App

Having an official GOtv app available on play store is currently constraint. You can’t get the app on Google Play store. You can either visit any office to the app sent to you or wait for the app to be officially added.

Watch GOtv via Mobile Devices

How To Install GoTV Decoder By Yourself With Images

For this method to work you have to visit any MultiChoice Office or An Accredited dealers Nationwide and purchase a GOtv mobile device. The devices include;
* Walka 3.5i
* Walka 7
* Drifta Wifi
* Drifta USB
* iDrifta

How To Activate The Mobile Tv Device After Purchase

Step1. You need to make sure that the device is fully charged before you power on at all.
Step2. The next step is for you to position the antenna vertically for a clear signal reception.
Step3. Send your ACTM, CAS number, and your cell phone number to 4688.
Step4. Your CAS Number starts with 4 and can be located at the back of your GOtv-Mobile Device.

See Example on how you send the SMS….  ACTM4123456 08123456789.

Now, let get started. But before then there are packages you find in GOtv-Pay Tv services.

List of All  GOtv Packages

  • GOtv Max
  • GOtv Plus
  • GOtv Value
  • GOtv Lite

How Much Do I Pay Monthly For Subscription

For all GOtv-plus subscribers, you stand to get a FREE subscription for GOtv-mobile. However for customers Under other packages, there are fees to be paid to watch channels on the Mobile devices.

For Nigeria Subscribers ONLY

If you have a GOtv Decoder then it’s also necessary you know the complete channel list for all packages and prices per Month. I made it clear above by listing the packages (i.e: Max, Plus, Value and Lite).

Every package has its own channels and prices paid per month, see them below;

All GOtv Max Channels and Prices/Month

Though Max is the highest level of subscription currently – with 63 channels. Requires #3,800 per month to enjoy the package.

  1. Discovery Channel
  2. Nat Geo Wild
  3. Spice TV
  4. Fashion One
  5. SuperSport Blitz
  6. SuperSport Select 1
  7. SuperSport Select 2
  8. SuperSport Select 3
  9. SuperSport Select 4
  10. Nickelodeon
  11. Disney Junior
  12. JimJam
  13. AFRO Music English
  14. NTV Base
  15. Hip TV
  16. Sound City
  17. Planet Radio TV
  18. Faith Broadcast Network
  19. Islam Channel
  20. Emmanuel TV
  21. Dove TV
  22. eTV Africa
  23. CNN International
  24. BBC World News
  25. TVC News
  26. Arise News
  27. Al Jazeera
  28. Telemundo
  29. E! Entertainment Television
  30. FOX (SD/HD)
  31. FOX Life
  32. Sony MAX
  33. Eva +
  34. CBS Reality
  35. M-Net Movies Zone
  36. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  37. AfricaMagic Family
  38. AfricaMagic World
  39. AfricaMagic Hausa
  40. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  41. AfricaMagic Igbo
  42. Zee World
  43. Vox Africa
  44. Televista
  45. Trybe
  46. Televista
  47. Galaxy TV
  48. B4U Movies
  49. Zee World
  50. Liberty TV
  51. Tiwa n Tiwa
  52. RAVE
  53. R2TV
  54. NTA I
  55. Silverbird
  56. AIT
  57. Channels
  58. MiTV
  59. Lagos TV
  60. Wazobia Max
  61. Arewa 24
  62. WAP
  63. TVC International

List of GOtv Plus Channels and Prices/Month

The “Plus” package is a monthly fee of #1,900 per month with 57 Channels available in it.

  1. Nat Geo Wild
  2. Fashion One
  3. Spice TV
  4. TVC Entertainment
  5. SuperSport Blitz
  6. SuperSport 9
  7. SuperSport Select 1
  8. SuperSport Select 2
  9. Liberty TV
  10. Tiwa n Tiwa
  11. RAVE
  12. R2TV
  13. NTA I
  14. Silverbird
  15. AIT
  16. Channels
  17. MiTV
  18. Lagos TV
  19. Wazobia Max
  20. Arewa 24
  21. WAP
  22. Nickelodeon
  23. Disney Junior
  24. JimJam
  25. MTV Base
  26. Hip TV
  27. AFRO Music English
  28. Sound City
  29. Planet Radio TV
  30. Faith Broadcast Network
  31. Islam Channel
  32. Emmanuel TV
  33. Dove TV
  34. eTV Africa
  35. BBC World News
  36. CNN International
  37. Al jazeera
  38. Arise News
  39. TVC News
  40. GO Channel
  41. Telemundo
  42. E! Entertainment
  43. Discovery Family
  44. M-Net Movies Zone
  45. Eva +
  46. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  47. AfricaMagic Family
  48. AfricaMagic World
  49. AfricaMagic Hausa
  50. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  51. AfricaMagic Igbo
  52. Zee World
  53. Vox Africa
  54. Televista
  55. Galaxy TV
  56. B4U Movies
  57. FOX Live

All GOtv Value Channels and Prices/Month

There is 40 channels available for “Value” subscription package and the fee is #1,300 per month.

  1. Fashion One
  2. Spice TV
  3. TVC Entertainment
  4. SuperSport Select 1
  5. SuperSport Blitz
  6. Liberty TV
  7. Tiwa n Tiwa
  8. RAVE
  9. NTA I
  10. R2TV
  11. Silverbird
  12. AIT
  13. Channels
  14. MiTV
  15. Lagos TV
  16. Wazobia Max
  17. Arewa 24
  18. WAP
  19. Go Channel
  20. E! Entertainment
  21. AfricaMagic Epic Movies
  22. AfricaMagic World
  23. AfricaMagic Hausa
  24. AfricaMagic Yoruba
  25. AfricaMagic Igbo
  26. Galaxy TV
  27. Nickelodeon
  28. JimJam
  29. AFRO Music English
  30. Sound City
  31. Planet Radio TV
  32. Faith Broadcast Network
  33. Islam Channel
  34. Emmanuel TV
  35. Dove TV
  36. eTV Africa
  37. BBC World News
  38. Al Jazeera
  39. Arise News
  40. TVC News

All GOtv Lite Channels and Prices/Month

The “Lite” has a number of 23 Channels with #400 monthly subscription fee.

  1. TVC Entertainment
  2. SuperSport Blitz
  3. Liberty TV
  4. RAVE
  5. NTA I
  6. Silverbird
  7. AIT
  8. Channels
  9. MiTV
  10. Lagos TV
  11. Wazobia Max
  12. WAP
  13. GO Channel
  14. Galaxy TV
  15. JimJam
  16. AFRO Music English
  17. Faith Broadcast Network
  18. Islam Channel
  19. Emmanuel TV
  20. Dove TV
  21. eTV Africa
  22. Al Jazeera
  23. TVC News

How to Subscribe Online

You can subscribe online either from the official website when you login GOtv portal (Must have created an account) “http://eazy.gotvafrica.com/en/“. Alternatively, use third-party apps like; Zoto appquickteller app, and other only Banking apps.

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