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How Can I Watch GoTV On My Mobile Android Phone, iPhone, iPad And Tablet?

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How Do I Watch GoTV On My Mobile Phone? – Have you asked that question before? Have you ever thought if it was going to be possible? or are you just hearing about it for the first time? Well, Well, Well. Whatever group you belong to (even if it wasn’t included in the options), you are about to see how you can watch GoTV on your mobile phone. Keep reading.

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DSTV allows you to download its mobile app and connect it to your mobile device before you can view it on mobile. So, whether it is an iPad, iPhone, Android or a tablet, you could easily download and watch DSTV on your mobile phone. However, the method is different with GoTV. It has a unique pattern which is what this post wants to address. So, if you have asked How Do I Watch GoTV On My Mobile Phone? Then, read on to see for yourself below.

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How Do I Watch GoTV On My Mobile Phone?

Unlike DSTV which allows you watch its program on your mobile phones, GoTV allows you watch yours in their mobile device called WALKA and DRIFTA. These mobile device are of different types. There are

  • Walka 3.5i – It is a handheld television. It is the only device needed to watch your GOTV. GHS199
  • WALKA 7 – This is a portable TV with 7″ (inches) visual screen. it provides audio and visual quality. GHS 294.
  • Drifta WiFi – This is a mobile TV decoder that that receives DVB-H signal and converts it into a WiFi signal for WiFi enabled viewing devices.  GHS 189.
  • Drifta USB – This is a mobile device TV decoder that receives the DVB-H signal for viewing on laptops and PCs . GHS 118.
  • iDrifta – This is a mobile device TV decoder that receives the DVB-H signal for viewing on iOS devices. GHS 156.

How To Activate Your Device After Subscription

To activate your Gotv mobile device, here is what to do.

  1. Ensure the device is properly charged before using.
  2. Position the antenna vertically for clear signal reception.
  3. Send your ACTM number, CAS number and your phone number to 4688. Your CAS number starts with 4 and is located at the back of Gotv mobile device.
  4. That is all.

What Channels Can I Watch?

You could watch a lot of channels on your GoTV mobile device. The avaialble ones include:

  1. Metro Tv
  2. GTV
  3. Super Sports Blitz
  4. African magic World
  5. African Magic Family
  6. BET
  7. Sony Max
  8. Disney Junior
  9. NAT Geo Wild
  10. CNN
  11. Channel O
  12. Select Sports.

Has your question How Do I Watch GoTV On My Mobile Phone? been answered? I believe so. remember to share this to others. Thank you.

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