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Phyno – Get The Info Lyrics ft Falz and Phenom

Phyno Get The Info ft Falz and Phenom

Phyno Get The Info ft Falz and Phenom


Phyno – Get The Info lyrics

Get The Info by Phyno, A song of this kind is surely going to attract a lot of attention. It is one of the tunes that you would refer to as educative and relevant. You may want to sing along. For this reason, having the right lyrics is essential. Here are the correct ones for this banger.



The point is Mr President

This is one of the worst crimes ever committed in federal republic of Nigeria

Phyno Get The Info ft Falz and Phenom
Phyno Get The Info ft Falz and Phenom

A man single handedly mismanaged over 100 billion in a nation

Where we have thousands , hundred of thousand of graduates coming to seats

A man mismanaged 100 billion

Is cruising on the streets of Abuja with bullet proof carsOcta: A new online savings platform that gives you higher interest rates

What is the future of Nigeria’s nation

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Hook (Phyno)


Big cribs and big seeds bu iheanyi ako n’ubi

No love obi fa na eji ka ife agbaye n’uyi

Fa na e live tus*hy

Na acti layi movie

Ofu ubosi ndi ina achi ga eji Iwe kponye gi fully

Chorus (Phyno)

Men na ututu men men na anyasi fa na atachi

Ha na ahashi

Ha na ahasa

Anyi na ahasi

Get the info x5

Verse 1 (Phyno)

Yea Get the info

Ka mfolo gi ifo nwanne

The governmenti na ala ndi ona achi ka ndi ifo nwanne

Economy na agba mmi

Na so the thing go nwanne

Ekwugo m ya n’oyibo kwuo ling n’igbo nwanne

Na east n’ile no road

Akwa anyi n’ebi ndu no hope

The same cabali na achi ndi obodo anua with no goal

Election ruo ha agbaputa use o legi the same scope

Even the masses ana achi go come begin the sell vote Forbes recognises 2 Nigerian companies, honours their CEOs

Work for years no growth

The Future dey for charcoal

Lots of graduates wey dey for streets the sell doh

You go the work to get doh

They go the slow the tempo

You go the want to (sorry)

Feeling its time to let go

Am thinking on a random

Ife bu simple plankton

Nde a ji post government but they can’t recite the anthem

But Shey na you go sign them

You do this thing for granted

Its time to switch it up

Okwa unu oke oha mu kpokwem

Chorus (Phyno)

Men na ututu men men na anyasi fa na atachi

Ha na ahashi

Ha na ahasa

Anyi na ahasi

Get the info x5

Verse 2 (Phenom)

Yeah (kprrrr)

Big TV drop top

Small to getting locked up

Use to dream of being a lawyer the system got me fuc*ked up

Bolati the doctor talk say agbalani

The bus stop later e go block you if you no cooperate omoh the gun shot People hate on DJ Cuppy for being a rich kid – Nigerians react after she was spotted crying

Dumebi don go carry belle and abortion no be option

Her mama don fu*ck am tire she come find say na pastor

We searching for greener pastures

Omolomo different top up

The only option na sashy unless omashi conductor

Get the info Get The Info

Hausa Yoruba and Igbo

Them ma crazy for my people

Show my people how the thing go

Get the ego boost my ego

Blow that indol out the window

I do this for all the fatherless,homeless and the widows

Chorus (Phyno)

Men na ututu men men na anyasi fa na atachi

Ha na ahashi

Ha na ahasa

Anyi na ahasi

Get the info x 5

Verse 3 (Falz)


Check (Heh)

Get the doh

Get the cash o

Ogbeni get the zero

Check the door check the gate o

You’ll need to check the window

Boys don the track you come house

They don get the info? Doggy Style Is A Dangerous Practice-It Causes Stroke And Can Kill Instantly

Na when you call mopol you’ll know say you no get hero

No security no light

Poverty so high

Buh You no need to worry just as long as you know Christ

Envelop your tithe o

Make the offering right eh

Send the package eh

Kofun brother to wo white

You pack Mercedes right here

Big boys get dreams but they woke up to night mare

Young ladies with no means

Big daddy hold keys

Big daddy no go help if e no get in those the jeans

Big jeep big mansion e no come with no consequence

That’s why them the chop

They no stop them get confidence

That’s why them the do us wayo

They dey fraudulent

Get the info x3


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Phyno – Get The Info does not disappoint. If you enjoy excellent quality music and love seeing African artists at their best, then this is the track to go for. What do you think? Is it a hit or a miss? Let us know in the comments section below. We would love to hear from you even as you share the song with people in your circle.

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