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Ada Jesus Confirmed Dead A Day After Her Birthday (Video)

Ada Jesus X Precious

Ada Jesus was confirmed dead in mid hours of Wednesday 21st April 2021 in a hospital where she has been admitted for treatment. The Comedian fought tirelessly for her life but finally lost it to kidney disease.

Ex beauty queen and ex wife of Femi Kayode falani shared a video of her and The Comedian who was eating out of the food that was brought for the celebration stopped Precious from taking out of her food as the people around laughed. In the caption, the ex-beauty queen said that she would remember the last few days and moments she spent with Ada on her sickbed. She noted how receptive and appreciative the comedienne was in her last moments and revealed how much Ada Jesus wanted to stay alive. Precious also prayed for the comedienne’s kids, husband, and family.

She said; “I will remember you with the last few days and the moments i spent with you. You prayed to get better and be different. You listened ,was receptive and appreciated the love you got, smiled more, made jokes out everything kingsley your husband did . A huge part of you wanted to stay but this was just too heavy for your body to take. May the almighty console your husband, he is indeed a good one, console your kids, parents and siblings. Do Rest in the arms of the almighty Mmesoma. Rest in peace Ada Jesus. 💔💔💔💔”

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