Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

10 Reasons Why Wizkid Shouldn’t Change His Name


As Wizkid prepares to change his name. King Jomo believes he shouldn't. And here are 10 reasons to support my stand:


As Wizkid prepares to change his name. King Jomo believes he shouldn’t. And here are 10 reasons to support my stand:

1. The Wizkid brand:


Imagine a Leo Messi suddenly adopts another name. Or a Ronaldo.

That will be very damaging for the brand. Ronaldo could lose all his followers over night for that. And getting all the followers back may not be as easy as you think.

Messi’s memorabilia would be immediately reduced in worth.

Why use these names? Perhaps Wizkid doesn’t know how huge his brand has become. Maybe if we use these names he will have a rethink upon realisation.

As Wizkid prepares to change his name. King Jomo believes he shouldn’t. And here are 10 reasons to support my stand:

2. The Wizkid Tracks

And let’s say Wizkid finally takes up a name. He now becomes a Sugar Big. Now what happens when all the old songs starts playing in a party Sugar Big attends. And the lyrics keeps jamming ‘Wizzy Baby’ or ‘Wizzzy’ or ‘WizKid’.

Sugar Big would be so disappointed because those tracks where created for Wizkid name and a Sugar Big may just sound awkwardly funny.

3. The Wizkid Endorsement

UBA just paid the Star Boy N1b. That money is not for association. It is for business! And already many UBA promotional tools, banners will soon start rolling out Wizkid. Yes, the cost of productions and printing would be quite gigantic. So what happens after the change of name? Should UBA and other brands that have endorsement deals with Wizkid destroy such promo tools and shoulder new cost after paying so much money for his signatures?

4. WizKid is a sweet name

Nothing is wrong with the name. Okay we get, you are now old and have kids who call you ‘kid…

But ‘kid pass kid o’. WizKid is no kid’s mate. Just because all breads have bread in their names doesn’t mean Agege bread doesn’t know his mate na.

5. WizKid is in the history books

And no one will reedit it. So who will loose? Sugar Big would be the looser.

How many pages of the history books would we need to edit.

Why give the editors work? So many resource projects already carry WizKid. Some are not even editable.

6. WizKid is not 2Face

And 2Face isn’t even the same again. I mean, since he changed from 2Face to 2Baba what good has happened? Worst is people still call him 2Face. And unless you want to change your name to WizBaba, which is quite quirky too, it really would be hard to reconcile both names to one artiste.

7. What happens to Bank W!

He must have documented it somewhere in black and white of how he found WizKid. He will then need to reedit. He will need to spend money. And that’s sad. I still remember what Banky said when he introduced you and Skales. He said, ‘these are my retirement plan’.

8. Family and friends will suffer

The name WizKid would open some doors for some of your close relatives. Now they would need to suffer from a change of key. It’s usually not a smooth issue.

9. WizKid could become Wiskid

Read more:

Who knows if one star somewhere in the globe is quietly bearing WizKid. Once you drop it he could as well ‘loud his volume’. And become the new official WizKid. All he needs to do is change the Z in WizKid to S in WisKid.

10. Davido would be happy

Yes. Any point explaining this point? We already know what I mean here.

Okay ask and I will explain.

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