Tue. Feb 25th, 2020

Shakira & JLo sales spike after #PepsiHalftime show.

Shakira and JLo

– The numbers behind these percentages: 2/3 Shakira music – 11.88m streams JLo – 5.47m streams 2/2 Shakira – 5.2m streams J.Lo – 1.6m streams

JLo & Shakira ’s music sales spike after their #PepsiHalftime  show. Spotify streams of JLo’s music rose by 335% and Shakira’s by 230%. Streams for J.Lo on Amazon Music increased by 432% while Shakira’s rose 150%. Alexa requests for JLo rose by 426% while Shakira’s rose 303%

But J-Lo dominated on Amazon AMZN +2.27% A
company spokesperson told MarketWatch that Alexa
requests for the “Jenny on the Block” singer on Amazon
Shakira Music rose more than 5x (426%6) on game day
compared to the previous Sunday, while Alexa requests
for Shakira jumped 303%. Streams for J-Lo on Amazon
Music also increased 432% on Super Bowl Sunday over
the Sunday before, while Shakira’s rose 150%.


And in the hours after their halftime performance
Spotify SPOT +5.33% streams of Lopez’s music rose by
more than 335% and Shakira’s music by about 230%,
compared to the same window a week ago.

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